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World of Alidia Copyright Agreement 

World of Alidia (“WoA”) Commercial Rights, Copyright and Fair Use Policy




Purchasing a WoA NFT transfers all copyright of the NFT and the illustration connected to the NFT from the seller to the purchaser/holder.



A WoA NFT owner/holder has a worldwide non-exclusive, assignable, perpetual, and royalty-free right to display the NFT and the illustration connected to the NFT for personal purposes.


A WoA NFT owner/holder is granted full commercial rights to the specific WoA NFT(s) and the illustration connected to the NFT held by that individual. This permits the Holder to produce commercial products for sale as well as use the illustration as a logo for a commercial brand and/or company. Holders may identify commercial products with the World of Alidia token ID to signify ownership of the purchased NFT. The Derivative Rights are effective so long as the Collector owns that same purchased World of Alidia NFT.




3(a) Commercial rights does NOT include the use of:


(i) the World of Alidia logo(s) including other similar ones that may have been made in its likeness.


(ii) Components / unique traits within the World of Alidia NFT combined in such a way that it infringes on another (not owned by the collector) World of Alidia NFT.


(iii) names directly associated with “World of Alidia” or “WoA”.


(iv) images like original artwork found on our social media platforms, websites, or other marketing material circulated for the public’s consumption.


3(b) The Holder agrees to not use the purchased World of Alidia NFT in a derivative work that depicts or encourages illegal acts, or involves pornography, racism, homophobia, transphobia, obscenity, violence, libel, or slander.

This Policy exists to protect the core interest of the World of Alidia project and all of its investors who have bought our NFT(s).

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