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The WoA NFTs are a collection of 5555 fine art digital collectibles living on the Ethereum blockchain. Each WoA NFT has been randomly generated from over 500 possible hand drawn character traits, including skin type, clothing, backgrounds and more. Each WoA NFT is amazing but some are more rare and a valuable than others.


The WoA NFTs are stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockhain and hosted on IPFS. The minting price is 0.1 Eth, We offer credit card payments for users without previous crypto/NFT experience.

Smart contract: 


woa nfter_edited.jpg

The World of Alidia is inhabited by a range of different creatures, all living side by side and in harmony with the nature that surrounds them. In our first collection we are presenting three different characters. Some have pointy ears, some live in the ocean - some roam the earth.

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Woman kopiera2_edited.jpg


In the beginning of time, three gods from the great wilderness of Eternity came together to create a new world. They created mirror images of themselves and let their creations roam free in this newly formed universe. A universe that would later be called The World of Alidia.

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The Eternal_edited.jpg
The Muse Small_edited.jpg


Our world of Alidia universe is a magical place where anything can happen. Its inhabitants carry special skills - some of them above and beyond what you may find in other worlds.


If you are lucky enough to acquire one of the 55 Enlightened - you're in for a treat. The Enlightened have the ability to foresee the future. They are also highly sensitive to the inner worlds of other creatures, making them the silent heart and soul of the WoA Universe. 

Enlightened holders will receive offering gifts and different perks throughout the year. If you connect deeply with your WoA Enlightened maybe they can reveal what the gifts are...


The 150 Creatives have a special place in the WoA Universe. They are the ones pushing the community forward, while creating beautiful art on their way. Both under the waters, up in the skies and on land.

If you secured a Creative, you will be happy to know that you will be gifted special art NFTs throughout the year.

Man creative_edited.jpg

In Alidia, it is believed that some numbers carry more importance than others. These numbers are called spirit numbers. The spirit numbers are often used in songs and games throughout the World of Alidia. The spirit numbers are: 1, 10, 100, 1000, 1234, 1331, 1111, 2222, 3333, 4444 and 5555.

If you hold a WoA NFT with a mint number consisting of a spirit number, you will receive special gifts throughout the year...


The Mermaid Queen is the respected ruler of the seven great seas. The queen has the power to help transition the creatures of Alidia between the ocean and the earth.

The Mermaid Queen is a 1/1 piece of art created by Fanny Schultz. This NFT will be randomly mixed into the mint that will be available to the public.


The Elf Queen is the oldest and most powerful being in the world of Alidia. The queen is said to have the only true connection to the powerful magical source that runs through all living beings. This connection allows her to communicate with all animals that have found their home in Alidia.

The Elf Queen is a 1/1 piece of art created by Fanny Schultz. This NFT will be randomly mixed into the mint that will be available to the public.


Alidia is the now grown up little girl who is the only human from earth that has found her way to the magical World of Alidia. From her humble beginning of being a foreign outsider in a new and alien world she has since then transitioned into becoming the loved ruler of the Humans of Alidia. 

Alidia is a 1/1 piece of art created by Fanny Schultz. This NFT will be put up for auction sometime after the mint.

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