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As a holder of a World of Alidia NFT you get exclusive discounts to multiple brands. Since one of our core missions is to support women, many of the brands we collaborate with are female founded and/or female led. So far we have collaborated with over 10 brands ranging from personal AI created perfumes from No Ordinary Scent to lenticular 3D art from the Scandinavian art collective Achtung Internet. 

You will find the discount codes in a locked channel on our discord server.

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WoA x Märta Larsson

One of World of Alidias main missions is to support female led businesses and help them enter the future by creating presence in the world of Web3. Because of this, WoA has formed a partnership with Swedish high fashion brand Märta Larsson. Together with Märta we have produced a beautiful gold plated WoA necklace. The necklace is hand made in Stockholm from recycled silver and was sent out as the first offering gift to holders of an Enlightened WoA NFT and holders of more than 7 WoA NFTs.

WoA has also worked with Märta Larsson to produce an exclusive NFT collection that will be free to mint for all WoA holders.

WoA Necklace

The perfect everyday necklace to wear alone or layer with other pieces of jewelry. Designed in collaboration with Swedish sustainable luxury designer MÄRTA LARSSON.


Made from recycled silver, covered in 24 carat gold vermeil. The length of the chain is 46 cm. Handmade in Stockholm. 

Buy the necklace here

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Märta Larsson NFTs

Märta Larsson has created a unique NFT collection in collaboration with WoA that was released under her own brand in April of 2023. The NFTs was free to mint for all WoA holders. Holders of the Märta Larsson NFTs will be granted a 20 - 30 % discount on! More information can be found in the WoA Discord.


The collection consists of five different beautiful NFTs that comes in different edition sizes and rarities, ranging from common to super rare. 

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