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World of Alidia is a 10K profile pic collection (5k available to the public and 5k locked up for selected investors) of beautiful art, where the NFT's also double as tickets to our amazing network of female change makers. WoA is female focused, and female led - we are also the first serious NFT project in Scandinavia.

As a WoA Holder you will get access to our digital clubhouse (the WoA Hub) that we will build on our land in the Metaverse. Our long term goal is to also open physical WoA Hubs and NFT galleries around the world. The WoA Hubs will offer everything from a co-working space and an NFT Gallery to free concerts and workshops. The essence of our WoA community is to connect women - while bringing them into web3.

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As a WoA NFT holder you get lifetime access to the amazing WoA Hub and our events in the Metaverse - as well as access to our powerful business network.

10% of our NFT royalty will go into the community wallet. The funds will be used to support female lead businesses and artists. The products will be distributed back to the WoA holders.

Experienced team

Our CEO Vanja Wikström is a well known entrepreneur and highly experienced business woman with many successful business launches to her name.

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Multiple airdrops

All holders will receive multiple free NFTs from the WoA Gallery and partner collections, as well as one free NFT from the second WoA collection for every two original WoA NFTS in the wallet.

Lifetime membership

Female empowerment

World of Alidia
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  • 5K WoA NFTs released to the public

  • 1 WoA NFT giveaway to active discord members

  • First WoA Gallery art drop to all holders

  • Reveal first fashion brand collab 



  • Opening party for the digital WoA Hub and NFT Gallery

  • Second artdrop to all holders

  • WoA wearable airdrop to all holders

  • First WoA Hub Live streamed concert

  • Christmas gift to all holders





  • Buy Metaverse land for the WoA Hub

  • 4 WoA NFT giveaways

  • Launch the WoA merch store

  • First offering gift to the enlightened

  • Start the WoA kids movie script

  • Reveal second brand collaboration



  • Launch second WoA NFT collection - 50% distributed to WoA holders

  • Launch Woa $Token in 2023 (Airdrop to WoA holders)

  • Roadmap 2.0 revealed