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World of Alidia is one of Scandinavia's first and most ambitious Web3 brands. We're based on 5555 digital collectibles of unique and beautiful art - where the NFT's also double as tickets to our amazing community of female Web3 pioneers. WoA is female focused, and female led - with the goal to make Scandinavia's entrance into our digital future more equal.

As a WoA Holder you will get access to our online community on Discord where we offer workshops, exclusive discounts, Web3 education and loads of fun (don't miss our book club or game nights!). The essence of WoA is to connect women - while bringing them into web3.

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As a WoA NFT holder you get lifetime access to our amazing community and irl pop-up events. We also offer exclusive discounts from some of our favourite brands

10% of our NFT royalty will go into the community wallet. The funds will be used to support female lead businesses and artists. The products will be distributed back to the WoA holders.

Full copyright

As a WoA holder you receive full copyright of your pieces of art. That means you can use your NFT as a logo for your brand, create and sell merch/posters and more. Only your creativity is the limit!

Multiple airdrops

All holders will receive multiple free NFTs from the WoA Gallery and partner collections, as well as one free NFT from the second WoA collection for every two original WoA NFTS in the wallet.

Lifetime membership

Female empowerment



Metaverse Gallery

The WoA Metaverse Gallery will host our own NFTs a well as selected art from around the world. This is a place were our holders can socialise and experience the new frontier of the internet.

NFT Marketplace

We want to build our own NFT marketplace with credit card payment option right here on our homepage. Our goal is for WoA holders to be able to create and upload their own NFTs.

WoA Token

A long term goal is to release our own token that can be used in the WoA Gallery and on our marketplace.

Second NFT Collection

When we are ready to onboard more members into the WoA universe we will release a second NFT collection. WoA holders will recieve one free NFT for every two original WoA NFTs they own.


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